Windows Template Library

Process History is built on WTL. WTL is a native, C++, open source Windows Desktop GUI Library

WTL 9 released! 20/5/14 Announcement

Sourceforge site - this is where to get the latest WTL download

MSDN Articles - February 2013 - a series of articles using WTL with DirectX. 2007 - v8

Codeproject most recent article 2013 - Particularly Michael Dunn's Series of articles 2003-2006. Process History uses a modified version of WTL Toolbar Helper and Status bar progress

Developmentor One Two - documentation, 2000

Bjarke Viskoe - WTL applications with source code, 2013

Yahoo mailing list - (requires login) official WTL community, replicated on Gmane

There's an active WTL community on stack overflow

See what ohloh code analysis makes of WTL

Chrome & Spotify contain WTL in their latest build. VMWare contained WTL, 2010 and more

Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition (Update 4) released 12 Nov 2014, these hacks were needed to get WTL to work in Express 2013.
WTL compiles with VS2013 Community Edition
See Nenad's explanation

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